Stage Traxx 3

A streamlined audio playback application designed for the gigging musician. With Stage Traxx 3, controlling your live performance will be easier than ever before.



Customize Songs

Songs can be customized by changing speed and pitch, trimming start and end points and using a 3-band equalizer.


Add lyrics and chords to a song. Lyrics will automatically scroll during playback. Use timecode for best scrolling accuracy.

Remote Control

Use Airturn compatible pedals or Bluetooth MIDI devices to trigger a wide range of actions in Stage Traxx remotely.


Embed MIDI commands in your lyrics to automatically control your instruments. MIDI events can be sent at specific points during playback.

Network Sessions

Broadcast your screen contents to other band member via WiFi. Band members will also see the next scheduled song.

Flexible Queue

The playback queue can be easily modified during your performance to read the crowd or make last minute changes.

Audiobus 3

Integrate Stage Traxx into Audiobus 3.

Universal App

Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Cloud Support

Import files from any cloud provider with iOS support.

Dark/Light UI

Choose between dark or light user interface.


Select colors for UI, chords and lyrics highlighting.


Playback supports fade-in, -out and crossfades.

Master Equalizer

Adapt playback to room with 8-band master equalizer.


Adapt to your needs with extended configuration options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stage Traxx 3 free?

No, the free version has a couple of limitations that you can remove by unlocking the full version via an In App Purchase.

What limitations does the free version have?

The biggest limitation is that you can not add more than 6 songs to the app. The backup and restore functionality is also disabled and you can not join a running network session.

Do I have to purchase it for every device?

No, you only need to make the in app purchase on one device. Once purchased, you can tap on "Restore Purchases" to unlock the full version features. You need to be connected to the Internet though when restoring purchases.

As an existing user of version 2, do I have to pay for the update?

Yes, this is the first paid update since Stage Traxx was created. Unfortunately the App Store does not offer a way to set cheaper update prices for existing users, therefore Stage Traxx 3 can be unlocked for $9.99 until the end of September. After that the price will increase to $19.99.

After reinstalling the app, how do I unlock the full version?

Reinstalling the app or installing it on another of your devices will reset the app to the free version. You can unlock the full version by opening "Settings", selecting "In App Purchases" and tapping on "Restore Purchases".


Available exclusively on the iOS App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple App Store

Works on iOS 11 or later


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