Stage Traxx 3

A streamlined iOS and macOS audio playback application designed for the gigging musician.



Multitrack Playback

Songs can consist of up to 8 stereo tracks. Supports up to 18 output channels on multichannel audio interfaces.

Loop & Rearrange

Split songs into regions that can be looped and rearranged on the fly.

Lyrics & PDF

Add lyrics with chords or PDF documents to a song. Automatic scrolling and chord transposition is supported.

Cloud Sync

Keep your data automatically in sync across all your devices with the iCloud based synchronization.

Remote Control

Use Airturn compatible pedals or Bluetooth MIDI devices to trigger a wide range of actions in Stage Traxx remotely.


Embed MIDI commands in your lyrics to automatically control your instruments. MIDI events can be sent at specific points during playback.

Customize Songs

Change speed and pitch, trim start and end points and use a 4-band parametric equalizer.

Audiobus 3

Integrate Stage Traxx into Audiobus 3.

Network Sessions

Send your screen contents to other band members via WiFi.


Organize your library with playlists, keywords and colors.


Select colors for UI, chords and lyrics highlighting.


Playback supports fade-in, -out and crossfades.

Master Effects

Builtin 8-band equalizers and use any AUv3 effect plugin.


Adapt to your needs with extended configuration options.


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Available on the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and macOS.

Apple App Store

Works on iOS 13 or later and macOS 10.15 or later


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