Frequently Asked Questions


Is Stage Traxx 3 free?

No, the free version has a couple of limitations that you can remove by unlocking the full version via an In App Purchase. To do this open the Settings tab and select In App Purchases. The full version upgrade is a one time purchase. You will get all updates within the 3 version without additional costs.

What limitations does the free version have?

The free version has the following limitations compared to the full version:

  • You are limited to no more than 6 songs
  • It is not possible to restore backups
  • You can not sync your devices through iCloud
  • It is not possible to join a network session

Do I have to purchase it for every device?

No, you only need to make the in app purchase on one device. Once purchased, you can tap on "Restore Purchases" to unlock the full version features on your other devices. You need to be connected to the Internet though when restoring purchases.

How do I unlock the full version if I have already purchased it?

Stage Traxx tries to automatically restore your purchases when you start the app for the first time after installing. That's why you might get prompted to login to the App Store on the first start if you are currently not logged in.

To restore your purchases at a later point open Stage Traxx 3 then select the tab Settings > In App Purchases and tap on Restore Purchases.

What can I do if Restore Purchases is not working?

Make sure you use the same AppleID on both devices. If that is the case and the Restore does still not work, just redo the purchase. You will not get billed a second time as it is not possible to purchase the "Unlock Full Version" item twice.

Lyrics and Chords

Why are my lyrics not scrolling?

First make sure you have enabled automatic scrolling in Settings > Lyrics & PDF > Autoscroll Lyrics.

If you do not have added timecodes to your lyrics, you need to increase the scroll speed in the big player view with the stepper buttons in the lower right corner of the screen.

Why are some chords highlighted and some not?

Stage Traxx uses a set of rules to detect chords. Chords will only be highlighted if they are build according to these rules. See Adding Chords for details.


Where are the audio files stored on a Mac?

The Mac version of Stage Traxx stores all audio files in the Library folder in your home directory. This folder is hidden by default.

You can open that folder in Finder from within Stage Traxx by opening Settings scrolling to the bottom and selecting Show Stage Traxx 3 Files....

To open this folder directly in Finder, select the menu item Go > Go to Folder and enter the following destination: ~/Library/Containers/Stage Traxx 3/Data/Documents.

What can I do if the app crashed?

If the app crashes, please create a support email in Stage Traxx by opening Settings, scrolling to the bottom and selecting Create Support Email.... Please attach a crash log to that email or send it in another email.

To find the crash log please follow these steps:

  1. Open your iPad/iPhone Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.
  2. Scroll through this list to find Stage Traxx events. The list is alphabetical.
  3. Tap one of these events.
  4. Tap the share icon at the top right and send it via email.