Stage Traxx stores files in a Document directory that can also be accessed by the iOS Files app. Your playlists, lyrics and song specific settings are stored in a database. If you create a backup of your iOS device in iTunes or iCloud, Stage Traxx will also be backed up including all songs and the complete database. Restoring this backup on your device or a new iOS device is the quickest way to get you going again.

The backup mechanism described in this section is intended as an additional layer of safety and should not replace regular backups in iTunes or iCloud.


After restoring an iTunes or iCloud backup Stage Traxx is running in free mode. You need to unlock the full version via restoring the in app purchase.

Create a Backup

Free version limitation

Creating backups is only available if you unlock the full version of Stage Traxx as an in app purchase.

Create a backup by opening the Settings tab and then selecting Create Backup .... A dialog box opens asking for a name for this backup. The name you enter here will be used as the filename with an additional file extension .st3. The file is created within the Stage Traxx document folder on your iOS device.

Access backup through iTunes File Sharing

You can access the file either via iTunes File Sharing by connecting your device to your computer, opening iTunes, selecting your device and selecting the File Sharing entry in the sidebar. Select Stage Traxx 3 and you will see a list of all files in the documents directory of Stage Traxx:

iTunes File Sharing

You can drag and drop files to and from your computer. Make sure to copy your backup file to your computer.

Access backup via Files app

You can also access the backup via the Files app. Open the app, select the Location On My iPhone:

Files App 1

Now select Stage Traxx 3:

Files App 2

You will see the contents of the Stage Traxx document directory. You can delete files by swiping to the left and also copy them into other folders (like an iCloud folder for example). To do this tap Select, select the file you want to move and tap on the folder icon:

Files App 3

You can learn more about using the Files app on the following link:


Once you stored a backup on your computer or in the cloud, you can delete it in the documents folder of Stage Traxx by using the Files app.

Restore a Backup

Free version limitation

Restoring backups is only available if you unlock the full version of Stage Traxx as an in app purchase.

You can restore a backup by opening the Settings tab and then selecting Restore Backup .... A window will open with a file browser similar to the Files app. You can select a backup file from any location that is accessible by the Files app. Once you select a backup, the window will close and a confirmation dialog will be displayed. You need to confirm that you want to restore the backup as this will delete the contents of your documents folder and the database before the backup is restored.

Restoring version 2 backups

Stage Traxx can import backup files created with version 2. As these files do not contain any songs, please make sure that your iTunes library contains all songs referenced in the backup and if you use Dropbox songs, please copy them into the documents folder with the Files app before restoring the backup.