Signal Path

Stage Traxx can play back either plain stereo files or multitrack files consisting of up to 8 tracks. The signal path for each track or a stereo song is illustrated in the following diagram:

Signal Path

If you are using a multitrack audio interface, you can assign stereo song playback and each track in multitrack songs to a seperate output. Tracks routed to the same output are summed together. So you are completely free to decide whether you want to run everything through a single stereo output or assign everything to different outputs.

Stage Traxx 3 has a AUv3 effect slot that is assigned to the stereo song output. If you route tracks from a multitrack song to the same output, they will also run through the AUv3 effect slot. Track routed to a seperate output will not run through this slot.

If you choose a mono output channel for a track, then the playback on this track will be summed to mono.

The master equalizer will modify every signal source in Stage Traxx. It is meant as a way to adjust your playback to the room your are playing.

Stage Traxx will process all signals with the selected internal sample rate. Audio files with a different sample rate will automatically be converted during playback to the internal sample rate as a first processing step.

Stage Traxx will try to run your audio interface with the chosen internal sample rate. If the interface is fixed to a different sample rate, Stage Traxx will automatically do a sample rate conversion as the last step in the processing chain.