First Steps

Here you can learn quickly how to get started using Stage Traxx 3.

First Time Users

When you start Stage Traxx for the first time, you will see an empty window. The first step is to import some songs. You can import songs from your Media Library or from any location accessible by the Files app. The following example will import some songs from an iCloud Drive:

Import Songs

Tap on the + button in the navigation bar and select the source from where you want to import files. In this example we select Files. Now the File Browser will open and you can navigate to the folder where your audio files are stored. To import multiple songs, tap on Select and mark all files you want to import with a checkmark. Tap on Open to start the import. First the files will be downloaded if they are not stored on your device. Once the download is complete, the File Browser will close and Stage Traxx will start the import process. You will see a progress dialog during the import.

Stage Traxx uses a queue to play songs. Once you have imported some songs, you need to add them to the queue to be able to play them. A song is added to the queue by tapping on the song:

Add Songs to Queue

Once the queue contains at least one song, you will see a mini player at the bottom of the screen where you can start and stop the playback, seek to a specific song by sliding on the waveform view and opening the big player with lyrics view by tapping on the song title in the mini player.

The song that is currently loaded in the player is marked with a blue PLAY marker. The next song in the queue is marked with a yellow NEXT marker. These marker are displayed in every view that lists songs.

You can change the order songs are played in the queue tab. You can either grab a song and move it a new position or slide a song to the right to reveal a menu on the left side where you can move a song to the top or bottom of the queue. There is also shortcut where you can move a song to the top by double tapping on it.


As long as a song is playing, you can't change the topmost entry of the queue as this would affect the running playback.

Migrating from Version 2

If you are updating from version 2, you can restore a version 2 backup to migrate your library to Stage Traxx 3. To restore a version 2 backup, please install both apps on the same device and perform the following steps:

  1. Create a backup in version 2 and upload it to Dropbox or use iTunes file sharing to copy it to your computer and then into Stage Traxx 3
  2. Use iTunes file sharing to copy all audio files in Stage Traxx 2 into Stage Traxx 3. Make sure that you don't change any filename! If you store these songs in Dropbox, you can use the Files app to copy them into Stage Traxx 3. You don't need to do this if you only play files from the iTunes library.
    Copy Files into Stage Traxx
  3. Open Stage Traxx 3 and go to Settings and select Restore Backup .... Select the backup file in the file browser and Stage Traxx will start importing your data from version 2. During the import a progress dialog will be displayed.
  4. Once the import has finished, open the Songs tab and make sure there are no songs marked in red as missing. If a song is missing, open the song details page by tapping on Detail Disclosure Icon and note the expected filename for this song. You can copy the missing file via the Files app into Stage Traxx 3.

Differences to version 2

The biggest difference for users coming from version 2 is that in version 2 playback has been controlled through playlists. You always needed to load a playlist to play songs from. Now version 3 uses a playback queue. There are still playlists available but they are only used to organize your songs. To start playback you need to load the playlist into the queue and then work from the queue. Changes in the queue will not affect your playlists. You can add songs to the queue from other playlists or the song list without affecting your playlists.

Please make sure to read the Overview section to familiarize yourself with this new concept.