On this screen you can see a list of songs you have played since the last time the history has been cleared. When you play at least half of a song, it will be added to this list. The list is sorted in reverse order. The most recent songs are on top. All entries are grouped by day.

History View

You can store all entries or songs played on selected days from the history as a new playlist. Tap on Save and enter a name for the playlist.


The playlist will have the correct playing order.

Remove Songs from History

All songs in the History can be displayed with a purple DONE marker (see Overview). You can clear all entries in the history by tapping on Clear. It is also possible to remove certain songs by swiping the song to the left and tapping on the delete icon:

Delete History Entry

Edit Song Details

If playback is stopped, you can tap on Detail Disclosure to open the Edit Song Screen.


If the history view is displayed within the big player, it is not possible to edit song details.