Edit Song Details

You can edit song specific settings and lyrics by tapping on the detail disclosure icon Detail Disclosure Icon in any screen where a song list is displayed except in the player screen. The Song Details screen consist of different sections that are described below.

On the top of the screen is a Refresh Icon icon which will reload tags and waveform from the audio file. Should you for example change the title of a song, the change will only be visible in Stage Traxx after tapping on this icon.


A double tap on a slider will reset it to the default value (0 in most cases).

Song Information

Song Information Section

Song title and artist name read from the audio file as well as its duration are displayed in this section. You can also see the filename of the file that this song corresponds to.

If you are editing a placeholder entry, no duration is displayed and the file is called 'Placeholder'. All following sections are disabled for placeholder entries as they are only relevant for audio playback.

Choosing Edit Lyrics will open the lyrics editor.

Playback & Trim

Song Playback & Trim Section

Here you can use the waveform view to jump to specific song parts and start / stop playback. You can also trim start and end points of the song. Should a song start with a couple of seconds of silence you can adjust the start point. Stage Traxx will honor start and end points in the player.


Song Volume Section

You can use this volume slider to tweak the volume for this song. You should try to bring all songs to a similar level to prevent loudness changes when changing songs.


If your songs contain replay gain tags, the replay gain value will be used to preset the song specific volume ensuring that all songs have the same loudness.

Pitch & Speed

Song Pitch & Speed Section

The pitch of a song can be adjusted by plus / minus 6 semitones. The speed can be adjusted by plus / minus 25 percent.

If you change speed and / or pitch of a song you will see the changes in every list view:

Song Pitch & Speed Indicator


Changes to speed and pitch will always lead to a decline in audio quality. The bigger the changes are, the greater the loss in audio quality. If you really need to change speed or pitch of a song permanently, you might want to use your DAW of choice to make these changes and import the converted audio file into Stage Traxx.


Song Equalizer Section

Minor sound adjustments can be done with the integrated 3-band equalizer. Each song has a specific equalizer setting. Stage Traxx also has a global 8-band equalizer that can be used to adjust the room sound.